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Put Data In Its Place

Save time and make better decisions by putting
all your business's data in one place.

Montage is a data translation platform that makes it simple to see just what you need to see to make better decisions for your business.

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Montage saves you money.

You can't make decisions if you don't have the right information. Montage puts all your information in one place so that you can pull out just what you need. Need more? Need less? It's entirely up to you.

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What is Montage?

The developer's best choice for data translation and storage platform. We have tools for publishing and updating data from spreadsheets, file systems, transactional databases, and real-time data sources.

Clear Documentation for Developers

Montage comes with clear concise docs written in plain English.

Support Access

In the event that you run into a problem - we're there to help out.

Custom Solutions

Out of the box solutions never work they way you need them to over time. Get exactly what you need and no more.

Schema Builder

Schema or schema-less data sources are handled transparently with Montage.

Learn why businesses choose Montage

Making decisions is powerful. By putting all your information in one place, you can apply logic to it. Need to alert your farm manager when your well has been running too long? What to make hiring recommendations by using this year's data compared to last year's? Let's our technology do the work of crunching the data, and let business owners decisions.

  • Once you start to see data in this way, you start to see it everywhere and you start dreaming of new solutions. That's what data should do.

    Advanced Nut Science
  • This is a real solution. I feel like I could sell this all day long because it solves problems.

    Bellwether Partners
  • All software developers need to see this. All businesses need to use this. I was hooked the first time I saw it.

    Darin Haener

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